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Our story

Loading Bay was established in 2007. We value the pure essence of good ethic – an ethic that is carried through to each department and is imparted onto those who not only work within the space, but also those who visit us as valued customers. It is this ethic that guides all tasks, big and small, and helps to generate a welcoming and humbled experience.

We pride ourselves on sourcing exceptional product. Because of who we are, we affiliate ourselves with product that has good ethic and strong values at its core. This product includes farm goods, clothing , magazines, skin care and everything else that fits seamlessly within our space. Given this, there is a reason behind everything we choose to have in our environment, and we must make sure that we understand what this reason is.



Loading Bay maintains and seeks to create valued, respectful relationships with our suppliers. We are aware that while we uphold our own standards we are very much indebted to the efforts and creative pursuits of those suppliers.

We upholds a standard of honesty, integrity, respect and passion in all that we do. But most importantly, we host an experience through knowledge of product.