Founding Yoshida & Co in 1903,  Kichizo Yoshida who became a bag craftsman at the age of 12 maintained integrity and strengh with the philosophy “One stitch all soul” which as subsiquently become the corporate motto. It describes their dedication to excellence in every stage of the manufacturing process, from material selection, design and intricate stitching techniques.
The brand name was taken from "porters" who handled customers' bags at hotels, pertaining to their closeness and insight to their bags. At the age of 70, Kichizo received "The Order of the Raising Sun" , the order given to those who contributed to various fields in society. It was only after this order was given in 1981, that Japan's first International airport began its services and admiration and respect for this brand grew at an incredible pace. Kichizo continued to create bags and wallets in his last years, he loved bags, he loved leather and acted up on his philosophy " Heart and soul into every stitch".